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To you it may be a grill or a barbeque or even a bbq, but whatever you call it, a wire brush or grill stones, rags or paper towels, cooking oil and some cleaning supplies are all you’ll need to make sure it’s safe and running great every time you fire it up.

Step 1

Check the flame tamers. These directly cover the burners and are also called heat tents and vaporizer bars. Brush off debris with a wire brush. Do not put oil on flame tamers after cleaning.

Step 2

Tube, u-shape, flat and cast burners should be checked when flame tamers are removed. Clogged burners can lead to uneven cooking and premature burner failure. Scrub burners with a dry wire brush, giving attention to the burner port area (the jets where the gas comes out) to remove any food residue or grease.

Infrared and rotisserie burners are a little different. Ceramic burners are delicate and need to be cleaned carefully. Turn ceramic burners on for 10 minutes to burn off excess grease and food debris.  With the burner off, use tweezers to remove any large food debris.